Dream Expression

I dream of dancing in floor length dresses surrounded by satin curtains on a stage.  The music is me singing in acapella from the lyrics of my heart.  If only the dancing were enough to brush the sadness away.  When the cell phone alarm rings, the music stops and all sounds of entertainment cease.  I don’t often dream of dancing and singing, but when I do I feel that I have lived in the night.  In those dreams, I feel that I have expelled energy in excitement and unrestrained expression.  How then do I express in my writing how I visualized myself in my sleep?  Most of my writing inspiration has come from my dreams.  I know these vivid pictures are pieces of my subconscious understanding of “me”.  It’s like a deep dive that I can’t fathom attaining when I am awake.  I wonder how much I am hiding down there in the depths, below all the responsibilities and obligations?  Music helps to draw out those senses for specific themes, but it only draws water from the surface.  I can’t explain what it is that makes me feel alive when I’m awake.  How ordered is my self-expression?  I am pondering “me” in the morning and I keep checking the time, so that I am not late for work.  I envy those that don’t consider time and live freely for the moment.  For me life is chaos without structure, so maybe I might explode from the anxiety of a timeless life.  I hope to remember the “me” in my dreams, so that I can give her space to be when I am awake.  If only the words could contain her.  

Do you remember your dreams?  Are your dreams inspiring your writing/art?  If you don’t remember your dreams, what do you think you dream about?

2 thoughts on “Dream Expression

    • I always find it interesting when I learn that not everyone remembers their dreams. I sometimes have dreams that are nonsensical and stressful, like dreaming I’m going back to my high school.

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