Hearty Love

Hearty love masks madness with petals and dark chocolate. Bottle caps ring against the marble,  Like the metal blade of your tongue hitting my internal walls. We drink to our forgiveness with deep fruit and sweet carbonation.  Sacrifice drags on in the dark hours of anger. Each moment a memory adds to the growing fire. … Continue reading


February 10, 2023 Crippling anxiety attacks on the brightest of days.  The battle wages in the mind as the soul heals beneath the fleshy form.  To fight against me is to lose me to the one you forsook.  He protects me and guides me through the endless struggles of human life.  You on the other … Continue reading


February 4, 2023 I realized today that I live my life like an organizer ghost.  The goal is set and all achievements are broken down to tasks. Most of the time those tasks are easy: five, ten, or fifteen minutes to complete, depending on my experience level.  Others take quiet concentration and hours set aside … Continue reading

Broken Reflections

Figures dance along the edges of the cracked glass, Judgment dancing in their eyes, Though their shadows shiver at your gaze. Chills whisper on your skin, Peppered in missed droplets, Never dried away like the words stuck inside. Fans suck the tears from the air, Like your towel wipes away wishes Around reality buckling at … Continue reading

An Uprooted Flower

The rain drowned me under its force as I lay discarded on the muddy ground amongst the ferns.  Even they shivered.  Laden with water drops, they bent towards me, covering my petals and my stem from the rain.  I envied their roots in the ground, huddled together like families.  They weren’t like the one who … Continue reading