March 27, 2023

The world wonders

About galaxies and stars

While missing the miracles

Of our created life.

How was it to be you

Young and carefree

Stumbling safely

In your country home?

Was it lonely

With so much freedom

Ripping your innocence

Like petals plucked from a daisy?

Does he love me?

Does he love me not?

Does anybody love me?

Did they love you?

I carry these questions

Like stones in my throat

My mouth chokes

On the rusty reluctance.

Was it hard to be a mom

So young and new

To the harshness of men

And the judgements of sisters?

How then did you cope

With my little girl curls

And the rowdy little boys

When their little worlds rested on your shoulders?

What made your heart shine

And your soul sparkle with joy?

Who livens up the dark spaces

With sunny skies and coffee?

If I could, I’d save you from the world

Your little girl, your daughter,

Who sang with dandelions

And skipped through the gravel.

The shadows can not be

Without the light, mother.

Let’s walk through the summer

Together, with the wind in our hair.

Free as the birds in flight.

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