Glowing Lights

The buzzing glow of lights around my window frame set me in a cozy reverie. I lay under my fuzzy blankets with Slayer written by Kiersten White. My jellyfish lamp tickels me in multicolored brilliance. Even my cold won’t bring me to the dark side of dreaming. I worked so hard to get here, the king-sized bed and footie pajamas. I should be worried about being positive for COVID-19, but I’m more concerned about my happiness.

Happiness is all of this around me as well as the people that bring me the most comfort. Like the love of my husband, who told me tonight that he would never leave me. Oh, how the heartfelt joy burst through the sore throat and runny nose! Nothing beats the list of joys I have accumulated since the hardest parts of my life. Now, that past is far away and I have firelies of memories to hold dear instead of hide.

I turn my sick bed into a fairy land of gratefullness with every squeeze of my pillow and cuddle from my love. All days and nights move forward fast, and I don’t want to leave this one behind the bars of shadows and wanting. I want to let my spirit shine.

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