When I Met You

August 12, 2022

-To my dear friend for her wedding day.

When I met you, I didn’t know the sun wasn’t shining; 

Dark clouds had sucked me into their foggy grasp.

When you came into the room, it was like daybreak: 

A clear blue morning after the night’s raging storm. 

When you spoke, my sad amusings slumbered

And a smile broke open with your one word summoning: “Guurl.”

So, whenever your sunlight seems to dim, 

it will always shine to me.

Because the depth of your radiance

Is a flame I will always see.

And if you ever need a moonlight wanderer,

I will be a word away, when you call out to me.

So long, Old Summer

Light piano keys clear away the Friday indulgences,

Unlike the acidic caffeine from the stale ground coffee beans.

Sunshine tricks the nighttime routine with late brightness and warm window scenes.

Soon the leaves will change to oranges and yellows, weakening summer. 

Comfy pants, soft and smooth, remind me of cabin sheets and starlight.

Inside my body bends to the crooked pain of working age, like tent poles at camp.

Somewhere the earth trembles, shaking my nerves like the water in my bottle.

But the cloud speckled sky is enough to forget the minor inconveniences.   

Old memories trickle from melting ice; the retrospection, a cup I drink to sleep.

It’s a cooling burn, thawing the years forever gone and healing the wounds with gentle fire.

So long, Old Summer,

To the way it was and to what it shall never be.