So long, Old Summer

Light piano keys clear away the Friday indulgences,

Unlike the acidic caffeine from the stale ground coffee beans.

Sunshine tricks the nighttime routine with late brightness and warm window scenes.

Soon the leaves will change to oranges and yellows, weakening summer. 

Comfy pants, soft and smooth, remind me of cabin sheets and starlight.

Inside my body bends to the crooked pain of working age, like tent poles at camp.

Somewhere the earth trembles, shaking my nerves like the water in my bottle.

But the cloud speckled sky is enough to forget the minor inconveniences.   

Old memories trickle from melting ice; the retrospection, a cup I drink to sleep.

It’s a cooling burn, thawing the years forever gone and healing the wounds with gentle fire.

So long, Old Summer,

To the way it was and to what it shall never be.

On This Cloudy Summer Night

On this cloudy summer night, the green trees from my window set the scene, with the flickering flame of a vanilla rose candle like a campfire in the dark.  Alaska summer lightens all hours of the evening with a twilight dusk.  Rain lightly showers through the billowing winds, calming my writer’s soul.  Today starts my staycation, half home and half with a long ago friend.  Bills paid and minimal cleaning done, so that I could enjoy a much needed rest beside a firelight and waving colored keyboard lights.  Even my office light is a pinkish hue.  I’ve waited what seems like forever for this week to come.  The mental burnout and consistent challenges have pushed me to an edge.  My post grunge music playlist speaks volumes to my latest moods.  At first, I wasn’t sure where to begin my vacation or what I should write.  It’s funny how hard it was to describe relaxation versus the dark moments that flow so easily.  I want to practice writing the wonderful and mesmerizing scenes of breathtaking beauty that surround me every day.  Alaska is such an experience.  Winter may be too long, but summer more than makes up for it.  I confess, I like the subtle darkness of fall and the winter hoarfrost, but I will embrace the last dregs of the gorgeous sunshine and teal lakes.  The wonders of this world are so close by, that we tend to miss them.  If you can, take a moment to really see what’s out there and call someone you miss.  Though I may not finish a novel in nine days, I will definitely breathe and make the most of my break.