Painful Breathing

I pull on my long winter coat and slip into insulated boots.  My crocheted hat covers my head with a single braid on each side.  I don’t even bother checking the temperature anymore.  No matter what, It’s going to be cold.  When I walk out the door, dry cold air slams into my lungs and I convulse in coughs.  It would be refreshing if I wasn’t sick.  A couple more days and I will definitely forget about the current sickness and be torn between jumping off the plane or being trapped, waiting for it to move.  

If coughing was bad, being trapped in a freezing airplane was worse.  At least I wasn’t coughing?  Silver linings and all, I made it home without ever really getting anywhere.  I took the day off and it has given me a sense of calm and relaxation, before the oncoming storm of emails and to-do’s.  The falling snow from my window is beautiful, but I have to drive through that to the dentist.  My filling needs to be replaced; I hope I can eat later.  So much for the silver linings.

I could have done so much more today, but I probably did enough.  It’s hard to learn to let things go and be okay with that.  It doesn’t last long, though it’s worth it.  I hope to keep my positive or relaxed attitude as I attempt to eat healthy and lose weight.  One problem at a time, or a bunch all at once when you stare at the piles of unfinished chores.  Well, let’s see what happens next.