Broken Reflections

Figures dance along the edges of the cracked glass,

Judgment dancing in their eyes,

Though their shadows shiver at your gaze.

Chills whisper on your skin,

Peppered in missed droplets,

Never dried away like the words stuck inside.

Fans suck the tears from the air,

Like your towel wipes away wishes

Around reality buckling at the knees.

They don’t know the weight your body carries

And only the head can turn away

From the reality of broken reflections.

When I Met You

August 12, 2022

-To my dear friend for her wedding day.

When I met you, I didn’t know the sun wasn’t shining; 

Dark clouds had sucked me into their foggy grasp.

When you came into the room, it was like daybreak: 

A clear blue morning after the night’s raging storm. 

When you spoke, my sad amusings slumbered

And a smile broke open with your one word summoning: “Guurl.”

So, whenever your sunlight seems to dim, 

it will always shine to me.

Because the depth of your radiance

Is a flame I will always see.

And if you ever need a moonlight wanderer,

I will be a word away, when you call out to me.

No Scents Allowed

My love,

Oh how your warehouse kimchi


The day-old-counter black beans

Waft a most foul stench,

Like moldy compost.

My dearest,

Even your car lunches

Warm to the devilist odor.

Let me help you,

Cover your gaseous deeds

With warm candles and hand sanitizer.

Home is where my heart rests,

Among the fruity fragrance mists,

While your toxicity lingers. 


The long awaited package

Finally arrives,

But my plump curvy shape

Doesn’t fit the fuzzy fabric.

Is it the box I fit?

The one that I hide inside,

Where my shapely thighs sigh

Into oversized sweatpants?

What about the hoodies,

That cover my booty,

Like a baker covers bread?

Are these the sheets

I use to suffocate,

My living ghost?

How do I fit,

When I don’t dress,


Eating Sick

Dark chocolate sways

My aching heart to

Break pieces off a bar;

The cuts straighter

Than the cracks forming

In my heart.

Fre is ice cold sweetness,

Alcohol removed.

The effect the same,

Drowsy depression.

Deep soreness recalls

The sporatic beating.

Tightness spreads from

Breast to gut.

My stomach erupts:

A fullness

Of acidic refuse:

Chunks of eating sick.