Hearty Love

Hearty love masks madness with petals and dark chocolate.

Bottle caps ring against the marble, 

Like the metal blade of your tongue hitting my internal walls.

We drink to our forgiveness with deep fruit and sweet carbonation. 

Sacrifice drags on in the dark hours of anger.

Each moment a memory adds to the growing fire.

Forgotten acceptance echoes in wisps through the grate.

Dinner for your troubles?

Holding around your waist is hesitance and humor.

One is unsure of the future of our life.

The other bursts through the questionable silence

With silly wit and ridiculousness.

What is the coupling, but a testament

To the strength of letting go

And grabbing onto the string

Of the flying balloon?

I will rest on it with you

Beside our pictured beginning,

The calm moments lingering

With the imagined uncertainties.

Tethered forever.