A Great Sadness

A great sadness in my life has been the end of relationships.  Once trust is broken, it takes both people to mend it.  Most times, apologies and forgiveness are freely given.  If there is no apology or admittance to wrongdoings, it is nearly impossible to move forward.  Today I was reminded of the wounds that … Continue reading

On This Cloudy Summer Night

On this cloudy summer night, the green trees from my window set the scene, with the flickering flame of a vanilla rose candle like a campfire in the dark.  Alaska summer lightens all hours of the evening with a twilight dusk.  Rain lightly showers through the billowing winds, calming my writer’s soul.  Today starts my … Continue reading

Clothes and Drowning

I can’t stop buying clothes and being repulsed by the sizes.  Every time I look in the closet, shirts of various work styles greet me.  I almost always wear the same pants.  I get sick of what I own, yet I buy clothes that I can’t seem to wear often.  My feelings are too distressed … Continue reading

Letter To My Future Self

Hello there, Beautiful.  I know that a year from now you are probably doing the same things with the same results.  You can hang in there or you can change course.  You know you can do it, even though you just don’t have the energy today.  But you can find the energy if you set … Continue reading

Struggle to Write

I struggle to write today.  At least, without my streaming services, I am able to focus on my feelings that inspire me to write.  Last night, I wanted to break my newfound healthy habit, so instead I grabbed a book;  It was a rough night of cravings and loneliness.  I am proud that I didn’t … Continue reading

No Scents Allowed

My love, Oh how your warehouse kimchi Stinks. The day-old-counter black beans Waft a most foul stench, Like moldy compost. My dearest, Even your car lunches Warm to the devilist odor. Let me help you, Cover your gaseous deeds With warm candles and hand sanitizer. Home is where my heart rests, Among the fruity fragrance … Continue reading