Letter To My Future Self

Hello there, Beautiful. 

I know that a year from now you are probably doing the same things with the same results.  You can hang in there or you can change course.  You know you can do it, even though you just don’t have the energy today.  But you can find the energy if you set yourself up for success.  Have fruit instead of an impromptu chicken burrito.  It was fun for today, but you know you want to lose at least ninety pounds.  It seems so far away because you are impatient.  Listen to your body when you are full.  Take time to think before you eat.  Also, have a little fun even when you could nap at any minute.  Take time to be calm.  You don’t always have to be an engaging entertainer: your students will be fine.  I know it’s hard to pretend you are okay.  I have been feeling that way for weeks.  Flare ups suck.  The time I have now is precious, just like yours.  I was a better person today.  I hope you are better than I am now.  If you are having a great day in a year from now, embrace it.  Remember that time flies faster than money multiplies.  Things you can do today, will be harder in the future.  Be kind to yourself; you made it through another year.  Also, don’t forget to tell people you love them.  

P.S. You had better be writing your books; there’s no time like the present!


Your Present Self

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