Writing Anxiety…Again

Often I find myself caught in the clutches of writing anxiety.  The thought of turning on my computer and writing about my experiences freezes me on the spot.  The rush I get from streaming a tv show to block the discomfort, is enough to make me forget what I love to do: write.  I realize how long it has been since I created a post and I am disappointed in my own lack of effort.  I used to use writing to process all of my dark raging emotions, now I turn to romantic asian dramas or quaint murder mysteries.  Mentally, I put myself down for not progressing in my books or putting in effort; it is an unhealthy habit.  I know I can write, because others have read my stories and can’t wait to read the next part.  I was about to write a poem today, but I decided to share in this form.  I may go through long periods of time filled with dread when it comes to writing, but it doesn’t make me any less of a writer.  The same goes for any of you who experience writing avoidance.  Sometimes it just takes a small paragraph posted to a safe community of writers to carry us to the next piece.

2 thoughts on “Writing Anxiety…Again

  1. Or we can flip the script. The dread we feel from not writing could be the very force that gets us to write, because without it, we wouldn’t even care. Hope this paragraph gets you writing once again!

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