It stares into my eyes and jumps under my skin, heating my blood to boil out of my mouth. I’ve struggled day after day this past week. Writing, working, learning, doing, trying, failing, failing, and failing again. Two rejection emails and one failed practice lesson. When will it be enough?

It will never be enough until I succeed! I know my worth. Today, tomorrow, I am worth it. I am worth the effort of writing, working, learning, doing, trying, failing, failing, and failing again. I know I am intelligent, funny, kind, compassionate, hard-working, flexible, and meticulous. I may not have a master’s degree or five years of experience, but I have resilience and the ability to learn.

What am I working towards? I want many things. I am blessed with what I have, but if I ever want more, I need to work at it. Work it, work it, and work it until it makes the right shape. I keep changing the shape to fit many different molds, but one day I will find the next shape I want and let the finished work be done.

What have you been struggling with lately? Leave a comment down below!

3 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. Yes… this.

    I’ve been struggling with computer problems and Internet problems (two separate issues), and fiddling with that takes up all my productive time at home, so the house is a mess and life feels cluttered and chaotic…

    I skipped a week of DLTDGB recently, and I might have to skip this week too, because the next episode will be the beginning of a turning point in the story, and I’ll need to plan things out a bit first.

    I’m sorry you feel like you’re failing. Hang in there!

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