A Working Writer

In 2013, I was a newlywed. At some point during that year, I opened this blog account. I can’t imagine what I was trying to do, but I happened to write about my dreams. My first and only comment on my site has been: “…” What does this say about me? Nothing. In fact, I find it quite hilarious! It was probably the only way to describe my blog back then. Today, I am still unclear about what I am doing with this blog, but I am doing what I enjoy: writing.

I struggle with sharing my writing; I’m a private person. My writing mentor told me to share a little bit of my writing at a time, to someone you trust to give you constructive feedback. Still too afraid to share with people I know, I thought about ways to share even to people who are strangers. I recalled my old blog and man was I in a different phase back then. I used a friend’s advice and changed the title as well as the theme.

Now, after thirteen days of my new blog, I nearly posted every day. Have I had constructive feedback? Not really. Have I successfully learned to share? Yes. With each post, I am just a step more comfortable. Each post is hard to publish, but I am learning to click that button and let it out.

We are all working on writing and sharing. I feel safe here with other writers/creatives. I will continually work on my writing as well as sharing with all of you. Thank you for all of your support. Please feel free to give me any advice or share your thoughts.

If any of you are new to blogging or a long-time blogger, leave me some of your insights/thoughts about blogging. Also, what do you think of my blog and/or what are some things that could be better?

Thanks again for reading!

6 thoughts on “A Working Writer

  1. I’m new here. I didn’t really know you existed until a couple days ago when someone I follow shared something you wrote. (Lady Jabberwocky, I think it was?)
    I could probably be considered a long-time blogger, but I don’t really know what I’m doing. I just like to write and tell stories. My blog isn’t exactly the kind that is going to get thousands of views, but I write what I want to and hope that someone somewhere might get something out of the stories I’m telling. So that’s my best advice… you do you, do what you want with it, and have fun.
    And I like your writing from what little I’ve seen so far.

    • Awesome! I feel you with the blogging! I am trying to just write. This blog is keeping me accountable to my writing goals and helping me connect with other writers. I am glad you like what I have written! I was engrossed with the paper letters from your post. I remembered writing like that right before I started college. Well, nice to meet you, Greg!

      • Nice to meet you too! Writing a continuing story covering five and a half years of a character’s life is certainly a commitment. I had a blog before where I just shared whatever was on my mind, approximately weekly. The inspiration for DLTDGB came from another blog I follow where the author also writes stories about her past (not continuing episodes, though) (https://storiesivenevertold.wordpress.com), and partially from TV’s The Goldbergs. If Adam F. Goldberg can create a fictional universe out of his own past, then why can’t I? I’m writing about a little bit later period in my life than The Goldbergs, though, since my childhood really wasn’t that good. DLTDGB is true in broad strokes, but I make up a lot of the details when I don’t remember them exactly.

        I don’t think there’s going to be a post this week. I’m not done, and I probably wont be by my bedtime, and I’m already a day late since I usually post on Sundays. I think I need to be okay with not always posting every week when life gets in the way. But I never know if I’m letting people down if I skip a week or two…

        And I definitely miss writing letters on paper. My grandma, the one who my roommate thought might have been a girlfriend back home (you read that one, right?), she was the last person who regularly wrote me letters on paper. She passed away this past spring, at age 100.

      • Oh no! Sorry for your loss! Yes, why not write your life! Yeah, I took a break to heal and rest. I felt bad a bit, but we have to take care of ourselves. I don’t have to write every day. 🙂

      • Thank you… it wasn’t sudden, Grandma’s health had been declining for some time, and when I saw her at Christmas, I kind of had a feeling it might be my last time seeing her alive. And the funeral was very nice.

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