Negativity creates an atmosphere of lies. You progress in your writing, then you get jabbed with, “Why are you doing this? Your writing sounds awful. Do you even know what you are doing? What makes you think you will ever be a professional writer?” I know these to be lies.

Because I grew up around lies, trust is difficult for me, so only a few people have had the chance to read my stories. I chose to share two different stories with two different groups of people. You know what? They liked them! All four of them cannot wait until I write more! Not just that, I ENJOY it! Yeah, there are nights when I spend an hour and only write a couple sentences, but those two sentences lead me to write more next time! Also, all my work is rough! I haven’t polished any of it yet. I’m still working on at least five books!

Fight the negative thoughts encouraging you to quit! Give yourself a break. You are working at it each time you stare at that blank page, willing it to give you ideas. The practice of trying is still working.

I will keep writing and posting for me, my goals, and for those who love it.

To all writers and creators out there, keep at it and tell yourself, “Shut up, bad brain! I’m not giving up!”

If you have had negative thoughts writing/creating lately, write a comment below. (By the way, writing comments is still writing!) 🙂

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