Writing about Illness

Last year, I started working on a story where I decided to include one of my medical issues. It was difficult. I pushed through it and let the rough draft flow onto the page. Like most of my stories, I don’t usually edit until the end. I am not looking forward to editing that part. So far, my few friends that read it, have liked the story. The illness is not the main focus, but it is an integral part of the character. I continue to practice and to learn how to write effectively. It’s the personal traumatic experiences that make it a painful process. I write this post after concluding another phone call about labs and an increase in medication. Will it ever end? I hope to one day be free of yearly lab tests and countless patient to doctor explainations. Not to mention my endless yoyo weight loss and food prepping. That’s a story for another day. I will continue to write about these difficult and exhausting topics, because I believe it can help me. I need to let it out. I hope my readers can gain some kind of support or comfort from these little pieces of me.

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