To My Fans

Writing is personal and very difficult to share with others. I rarely share anything I write with people that I trust, let alone with strangers. Blogging feels like sharing with strangers. For those that really make me burst through that steel wall, you are my favorite people! Often, I am described as unapologetically myself as well as spicy, funny, crazy, and weird. I most definitely agree! To the ones that see it all and accept it, I am so utterly grateful, that my introvert self doesn’t know how to express it. In fact, I get a lot of anxiety trying to decide on how to let you all know how I feel. Sometimes, you guys are so good to me, that I get nervous and uncomfortable. A student reminded me today that writing is a tool to deal with all emotions, especially anxiety. My wonderful resilient students teach and remind me that they aren’t the only ones that need an outlet, like writing. As my writing mentor said, “The more you share, the easier it gets.” She is absolutely right, but one blog at a time.

To my fans, I am so sorry that I haven’t added to the story I shared with you all. Don’t worry, I will finish it. One day. And so it goes…

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